Calculator Program HTML, CSS, JS
Calculator Program HTML, CSS, JS
Calculator Program Poster

Let’s build a calculator using HTML, CSS, JS. 👻

You are a (👨‍🎓) student who started learning (💻)web technologies in college or you are a self-learner (Great step I appreciate 👏). Then you must have come across the requirement to design a calculator program 🧮. So here it is a very simple and functional calculator app that can be programmed within a day.

This will be a very simple calculator running on any browser. Here is the recap of all the sections you will be looking ahead:

  1. Adding color and alignment with CSS file.
  2. Finally, we will add functionality. Like if you press ADD…

GitHub Lesson Poster

A Basic Guide to Repository, Local installation, Connect local with Github, Branching, Cloning, Commit, Push.

The learning curve for Git is pretty steep compared to many other systems. After looking at many developers who love Git after they finally understand it, but getting to that point is often somewhat painstaking.

This article is aimed at the developers/students who have heard good things about Git but don’t know where to start or why it’s so wonderful. It is meant to explain Git as simply as possible in a clean, concise, easily readable volume.

Let’s have a recap of what all we are going to cover in this:

What is Auto Tuning?

Ever wondered how someone sounded amazing on record but not that in live performance. The reason is Auto-Tune, a pitch correcting software designed to smooth out any off-key notes in a singer’s vocal track.

In 1998, “Believe” by Cher became a worldwide hit smashing all the records and with that the first rising to prominence as a 1960s folk artist, the 52-year-old Cher was once again climbing the charts. And the song became her best selling record ever.

“And I can’t break through. There’s no talking to you.” — “Believe” — Cher

It happened exactly 36 seconds into the song…

Whatever face is confused and lost

Have you ever experienced having something on top of your tongue but not being able to produce it? It’s frustrating right especially if you are sitting in the examination and the question you saw last night just came in front of you, but here you are pledging GOD to make you remember that answer for the last time, “Please GOD just for the sake of last time, next time I’ll study harder”.

This happens to us occasionally and we get very frustrated about it. But people those who face this daily are suffering from it and they need to have…

Skipping meal once a week

Many a time i heard about people not eating for 1,3,8 days or even for the weeks and months. That make me wonder and to analyze why people do so.

I collected information about this and upon knowing great benefits of it i myself started practicing it. And after doing it for successive 4 weeks I am pretty much familiar and experienced to share about it.


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